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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Cleaning and some Sewing

I haven't had the grandkids in two weeks.  So I have spent my days painting all the trim and baseboards, I have stained the stairs, I put up a vinyl tree motif in the dining room which I also painted.   Whew!!   I did get into the sewing room,  first I cleaned and rearranged it, cleaned and oiled my machine, and got to sewing.  I finished the top of the triangle quilt,  I finished all the migrating geese, and I managed to get started on a memory quilt for my mom who just turned 90 (she only wanted the grands and great grands).  I will have to add color she won't like all that black.  A couple more pictures and hope to have it done by next weekend.  Wishful!!!
these two cuties are the youngest of my grandkids and those three are my boys
although I miss the kids,  Happy to have gotten so much done.    anna

Monday, March 13, 2017

Mini QAL

having fun working on these mini's  got two more done, but 

had to stop and

do some much needed cleaning and oiling on my machine.

quiltshopgal.com  mini QAL
helping me with techniques, check it out.
the friendship star will have to be redone, 
that ONE point but that is okay I'm learning.   
I bought a pattern with these size blocks so this is practice.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Christmas Squares

This one was made as a Christmas present I have three sisters and we did a Pollyanna, so I didn't know who would be receiving it.  This was made in 2011  it was a really nice fabric collection, I might have the selvage to find the name.

Olivia's Lime Quilt

this one is an old one, it was made for one of my boys girlfriend at the time.  Her favorite color
lime green.  This was a Christmas 2011 gift.   scrappy binding and this wild flannel back.