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Monday, October 29, 2018


I haven't been in sewing room in three weeks!  I moved everything out four weeks ago, SO wanted to fix some drywall. The second week we went away on vacation. When we returned I decided to go ahead and repaint my room a lighter color while everything was out of it, which lead to painting all the baseboards too.  I started moving things back in last week and reorganizing.  I am almost done.  yea me!

This past Saturday a friend and I did the Quilters' Quest Shop Hop -Maryland and Northern Virginia.  We were supposed to start last Saturday but I got in late Friday night from my trip.  So we decided to just hit as many as we could this past Saturday.  we started out at 815 am
So at each shop you had to find a certain item and then you were given a prize, it was a magnet.  you can see them in all the pics.  each shop had their own pattern that you also received.
First stop  Bear's Paw Fabrics, this is what I bought.
then off to Patches Quilting and Sewing
then Capital Quilts, I purchased a button that says "starched into submission"  there were ladies there from the local guild selling raffles, of course I bought tickets.  This shop had a lot of Aboriginal material and quilts on display.  BEAUTIFUL  I didn't think to ask if I could take pics.
So now it's about 2 o'clock we are making good time,  we thought we would only get in these three, but mapping on google we could stop at the one I really wanted to go to.
Jinny Beyer  yes!
love her border fabric, I contained myself and just bought a little, I could have gone overboard in here.
so much eye candy.  and we were greeted by her.  I am such a @#$#ass I didn't think to get a pic with her either!  that's ok  I'll go back.
So we stopped for a quick lunch and off to yet another shop.

Cottonseed Crabby Quilter
I was still thinking about that Aboriginal fabric, they had a small sampling. so I picked up a fat quarter  (the one on right) it has crabs on it.  we ran into the bus group at this store, and they must of cleaned up.
This was a fun adventure and will do it again next year.  In total we spent about 10 hours driving and shopping.
Thanks for stopping by,  anna

Thursday, September 27, 2018

P's school silent auction

so I spent the last to days with Adele, Eleanor, and Kona
this has to be done by next week, granddaughters school silent auction fundraiser.  OH BOY
was asked about a week ago, had to wait for Adele to join the party.
I saw the STARBURST quilt on Confessions of a fabric addict blog and loved it.
So here is what I did
I think i need to move some of the lights around??  anyway this is where I am on this.
thanks for looking,  anna

Monday, September 24, 2018

PINK please

So this is the last of the three to be gifted to the nieces, just need to wash and iron on label.(tomorrow)
Pink for the backing

and used the print on the fabric to quilt it, not great but still practice

will enter this as 2nd finish over on amyscreativeside.com for the bloggers quilt festival.  
Thanks for stopping by,  anna

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Matchsticks Lakeshore

I posted the start of this quilt back in May. 
Now DONE, with Label and washed so now I can enter it into the Blogger's Quilt Festival hosted by Amy Ellis @amyscreativeside.com  yeah me

I finished it a bit ago but just put the label on.  I have one more to complete, and I just finished quilting it tonight.  tomorrow i will finish binding and I already have the label for that one done.   I have waited to gift these because there are three that will go to nieces who are sisters, I want them to receive them all at the same time.  It feels good to be getting the last one done.

Today I spent the day at a quilt gathering had a good time and  Pat Delaney was the speaker. YEAH

There were quilts on display and it was amazing the talent from the ladies here in Delaware.  I should have taken a picture of one that just floored me.  An all hand sewn YO-YO quilt that was about a twin size, I can't even imagine doing that.  It was awesome.

Thanks for reading, anna

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Summer is over

     Well,  1)  Summer is over,  2) no more 11 hr days at work.  I only got down to the beach twice this year.  Hardly had anytime to sew.  I mostly bought fabric and downloaded patterns and watched a lot of tutorials.  Oh and I bought (treated myself) to a new machine and table.  So now I am prepared for the fall and winter months ahead.  I have finished this quilt for our State Employees Charitable Campaign.

this one i want to try applique on the borders, question is do I add the applique to border first so that I can do it at work on a smaller piece or add borders and drag the whole thing to work?  This is a Fat Quarter Shop Free Pattern.   CHARM PACK CHERRY only I made mine bigger and it is turned on its side.
made this bag about a week ago.  The Sew Together Bag  will be making more for Christmas gifts.
trying EPP again I gave up the last time I did it. I am a lot further this time. I am getting better with each round.  something to do at work I also bought some embroidery floss to try my hand at that again too
So with summer over I have been very busy. Last weekend a co-worker and I went to Philly to fabric row didn't even know of it.  She mostly did apparel but now into quilting.  this is what I came home with.
and finally getting around to quilting this one.  I started this before the long hrs started at work but didnt have time or energy to work on it.  easy pattern and I am sorry I will have to look for the name and give credit later, i put it away and don't remember where.  I know I saw it on another blog.  
I hope everyone had a great summer and I am glad to be back in the mix.
as always, thanks for stopping by  Anna

Friday, May 11, 2018

Time to get serious

I have sooo.. many tops unfinished, I have told myself it's time to get serious about finishing them.
I did get this one finished.  (about a month and a half ago) just need to label and wash it. What am i waiting for??

Started this one on Monday.  I should've started it a lot sooner. YIKES the bridal shower is tomorrow.  I ordered something else from her registry so I will get it done before the wedding. She is having a beach venue and the colors say beach to me.  I like the pattern, but decided to change it.

I first did this layout, it was okay.
then did this layout

I like the random layout of this, so I will go with this one.  Both were kits from Craftsy.  I had bought them last December.  These are for my other half's niece's.  It was his suggestion that it would be nice if I made them quilts.  It was already on my mind, they both had just bought houses.
These two really need to be finished and get out the door.
Then I will work on quilting the string quilt from over a year ago, so that I can offer it up as a raffle item at our annual State Employees Charitable Campaign, which will be starting soon.
I had planned to go to Lancaster tomorrow, but looking at the weather now  I may have to wait till next weekend.
Hope everyone has a great Mother's Day.