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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Cleaning and some Sewing

I haven't had the grandkids in two weeks.  So I have spent my days painting all the trim and baseboards, I have stained the stairs, I put up a vinyl tree motif in the dining room which I also painted.   Whew!!   I did get into the sewing room,  first I cleaned and rearranged it, cleaned and oiled my machine, and got to sewing.  I finished the top of the triangle quilt,  I finished all the migrating geese, and I managed to get started on a memory quilt for my mom who just turned 90 (she only wanted the grands and great grands).  I will have to add color she won't like all that black.  A couple more pictures and hope to have it done by next weekend.  Wishful!!!
these two cuties are the youngest of my grandkids and those three are my boys
although I miss the kids,  Happy to have gotten so much done.    anna


  1. What a wonderful treasure you are creating for your Mom!!!

    1. thank you, she has been wanting one for awhile, i had to stop putting it off.