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Monday, March 12, 2018

my new granddaughter's quilt

yesterday I posted the fabric that I had picked out for a pattern I had seen on  Pieced Brain's blog,  It is the English Garden pattern in the publication Quilter's World.  What drew me to this was that it is quilts to make in a day.  I procrastinated too long in making a quilt for the granddaughter who will be arriving on March 22.  So I started it late yesterday afternoon.
I could have had it all sewn together if I had begun earlier in the day.  The only issue (my issue) is that I could spend a week deciding how to arrange the smaller half-square triangles. LOL
Thanks again, Denise for the inspiration, this really went together fast.

I look forward to seeing what everyone else is doing this week.  have a great day, anna

Sunday, March 11, 2018

What I have been up to

Well, first about three weeks ago my neighbor came over with a box, hum  and said you sew.  (me) thinking to myself not really, but asked anyway what do you have. He showed me what he wanted done, he had ribbon, some bar pins, and some O rings.   oh and could I get them done by March. At first he only had a few, so I made a couple examples for him. He said great, I'll order more supplies.  last Tuesday the O rings finally came in. I made about 55 of them for his Charity Event.

Next,  My niece purchased her first home, so I asked what was her color scheme, I was told French County Chic.  Cream, gray and beige  so I was looking through Craftsy and found this kit.
Carpenter's Star in High Society fabric
just have the inner border and corner stones to go.  there is enough fabric left over maybe some pillows too.

third, just making some bright blocks to take away the winter blues.

and finally, picked out the fabric for the new granddaughter, who will be here March 22, I saw a pattern on Pieced Brain's blog that she uploaded to Crazy mom quilts, Finish it up Fridays link.  It is in the publication Quilter's World, I will be making the English Garden pattern. It was quilts to make in a day.
Thanks Denise. So that is the plan for today.
as always thanks for stopping by,  anna

Monday, February 5, 2018

Flock of Geese part 2

so this is where I am at,  decision time about the borders.  I thought that I would go with the big blocks of color , Nope didn't like it.
I am gonna add at least a 1 1/2 inch white 1st border then what should I do about the 2nd one?
long blocks of color, medium or small  with/ or with out the added alternating white?
This is a queen size so these blocks will fall to the side of the bed.  any thoughts leave me a comment on which one you like.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Flock of Geese

well the name actually is Stars and Pinwheels by Missouri Star Quilt Co. but there is a lot of geese flying around in this quilt.  this will be a queen size with some more pinwheels in the first border then a six inch to finish it off.  Three more rows of blocks to be sewn up.  maybe I can get them sewn up before I go to work tonight.😁

as always  thanks for taking a peek, anna

Friday, December 8, 2017


So last week i showed a picture of the quilt i am making for a lady at work and that i had gotten a ruler foot and template.  Well my machines didn't like the ruler foot, i could not get the bobbin thread to stay tethered and i didn't have time to mess around with settings.  So i went to my green gal got her set up to see how she would handle this.  beautifully she did  now i didn't use the ruler foot but didn't need to she eased into the curve gently.  i am still an amateur with the knee pedal as you can hear in the video.  all my squares with this motif are done just going to echo around the colored squares.

i picked her up about a year an half ago  20.00  i almost didn't go, but when i saw how much room it has on the bed and how high i knew i wouldn't have to struggle pulling a big quilt through her.  this one is definitely a keeper.

as always thanks for stopping by,  anna

Friday, December 1, 2017

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Ok so everything  is back to normal, time to get caught up.  I have been working on this quilt for a lady at work.  It needs to be done for Christmas.  I have received all the supplies needed to finish it up and a few extras for myself.  All black Friday sales. Yay
I bought myself a ruler foot and template hope to practice and learn the curve so I can use it on this quilt.
Attended a free class today, at the LQS.  Serger projects  I purchased one about two months ago and I haven't done anything with it until yesterday.  I used it to keep the flannel backing from fraying in the wash.  It will be used in the above quilt. It came out of the wash/dryer wonderfully. So today at the shop it was baby mittens, baby hats, receiving blanket , a zippered pouch a drawstring pouch and then a scarf. HMM  she made it out of fleece, I walked around and saw what I wanted to make with the lessons learned today.  Minky scarves for my three nieces.  took me about an hour an a half because one of my threads got loose  OKAY don't panic I tell myself get the manual out and figure it out from the pictures, this was my fear with sergers as with most, the dreaded threading,  took me 10 minutes to get that thread back in that tiny hole! ugh  everything back in order now to finish the last one.  I will play with the serger some more, maybe lounge pants.  the minky is cute fabric geo shape, elephants, and goofy characters

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Holiday here in the states.
Thanks for stopping by,  anna

Monday, October 30, 2017

LeMoyne Magic

I have started a new quilt.  I like watching Cozy Quilt Designs on you tube. I can figure out how the pattern goes just by watching.  I don't use the special ruler either.  This one is called Lemoyne Magic. and it will be a queen size. I did start the second block but did not like the color I chose. so I just continued making the star blocks. I need a total of 30 stars. I have half completed already.

Really testing my Half Square Triangles skills.
Thanks for stopping by, anna