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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Who's on 1st?

Who's on 1st?  I have always liked that skit from Abbott and Costello, gosh I haven't seen any old shows like that in awhile.  But anyway I was supposed to receive some fabric on Tuesday to finish the borders on the Migrating Geese quilt, well it was mis sent to Ohio and not expected to arrive until Saturday now.  Today I received another order I had placed which brings me to the answer  to the question Who's on 1st?
 This is

I have everything needed for the next quilt on hand, yea! 
    My cousin is having a dinner benefit for his step daughter to cover some of her medical cost, I offered to make a quilt so that they could raffle it off at the dinner.  I have until the end of May to complete,  not so bad should be enough time, RIGHT?  Thankfully my vaca starts this Friday night at 1230pm yippee.  And everything else will take a back seat to insure a Finish.  I am sure I will have this all cut up by Sat afternoon.  I will post again once I get some sewing started.  anna

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