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Monday, May 8, 2017

An Amazing Gifted ton of Fabric and THIS

My oldest sister has three girls and when they were young she made them clothes, she also made curtains for her home and Halloween costumes.  She never did the quilting thing though.  She used to work at Joann's Fabric.  About two weeks ago she was getting rid of fabric, so I took it all.

Specialty fabric
seer sucker?
tons of novelty- I can not possibly use all this fabric if you see something you like leave me a comment.
Then I went to my mother in laws and she had fabric she didn't want anymore, are you still with me? AND THIS. are u kidding me???
this are at least 2yds each. 
I see backing fabric

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  1. That featherweight, thrown in there with all that fabric?!!! Wowsers!